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A more thorough, updated list can be found in my CV.

  • MA thesis

Chén, Qiūshí (陳秋實). 2020. 「数量名」语言中的定指「名(数)量」短语: 石柱方言名词性结构研究 [The definite ‘NP-(Num)-Cl’ Phrase in a ‘Num-Cl-NP’ language: a study on the nominal structure in Shizhu]. [pdf]

  • Peer-reviewed journal papers

Chén, Qiūshí (陳秋實). 2024. 论汉语数词的句法位置:来自吴语和西南官话的证据 [On the positions of Chinese numerals: Evidence from Wu and Southwestern Mandarin]. 汉语语言学 [Chinese Linguistics] 4: 304–330. [draft]

Chén, Qiūshí (陳秋實) & Shèng Yìmín (盛益民). 2023. 重庆石柱方言表定指「名数量」结构 [The Noun-Num-Cl phrase as a definite construction: A case study of Shizhu Mandarin]. 方言 [Dialects] 4: 416–425. [preprint]

Chén, Qiūshí (陳秋實). 2022. 言者意外与听者意外:从四川资阳方言看意外范畴的两个参项 [Now I am surprised, now you are surprised: On Mirativity in Ziyang and the sub-types of Mirativity]. 语言学论丛 [Essays on Linguistics] 2: 62–78. [preprint]

Chén, Qiūshí (陳秋實). 2022. 语法化与重新加标:以资阳方言的「样」为例 [Grammaticalization and relabeling: a case study of the final particle yang in Ziyang]. 语言研究集刊 [Bulletin of Linguistic Studies] 29: 206–226. [preprint]

Chén, Qiūshí (陳秋實). 2022. 比较视野下的石柱方言定指「名数量」短语 [The definite N-(Num)-Cl phrase of Shizhu dialect from a comparative perspective]. 当代语言学 [Contemporary Linguistics] 24.2: 231–251.

  • Conference proceedings

Chén, Qiūshí. 2023. Deriving Mizenkei in Old Japanese verbal morphology. In Sara Williamson, Adeola Aminat Babayode-Lawal, Laurens Bosman, Nicole Chan, Sylvia Cho, Ivan Fong, & Kaye Holubowsky (eds.), Japanese/Korean Linguistics 30: 289–303. [pdf]

  • Book chapters

Chén, Qiūshí (陳秋實). 2021. 重庆石柱方言的定指表达手段 [Definite expressions in Chongqing Shizhu]. In Shèng Yìmín (ed.), 汉语方言定指范畴研究 [Studies on Definiteness across Chinese Dialects], 44–55. Shanghai: 中西书局 [Zhongxi Book Company]. [preprint]

  • Peer-reviewed conference presentations

Chén, Qiūshí. 2024. From phrasal movement to head movement, The 25th Diachronic Generative Syntax Conference (DiGS 25), University of Mannheim, Mannheim. Jun. 25–28.

Chén, Qiūshí. 2024. The cyclic nature of grammatical tone in Chichewa, The 55th Annual Conference on African Linguistics (ACAL 55), McGill University, Montreal. May 2–4. [handout]

Chén, Qiūshí. 2024. On the units of syntactic reanalysis: Evidence from two Sinitic languages, The 60th Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society (CLS 60), The University of Chicago, Chicago. Apr. 26–28. [handout]

Chén, Qiūshí. 2024. How to realize your lower copy: Evidence from Chichewa object dislocation, The 42nd West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics (WCCFL 42), UC Berkeley. Apr. 12–14. [handout]

Chén, Qiūshí. 2024. Be careful where you reanalyze your syntax: On N(P)-fronting in two Southwestern Mandarin varieties, The 36th North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics (NACCL 36), Pomona College, Claremont. Mar. 23–24.

Chén, Qiūshí. 2024. On the secondary nature of (morpho-)syntactic change: Evidence from yi in Southwestern Mandarin, The 48th Annual Penn Linguistics Conference (PLC 48), UPenn, Philadelphia. Mar. 16–17. [handout]

Chén, Qiūshí. 2023. On (partial) object dislocation without Object Marking in Chichewa, The 54th Annual Conference on African Linguistics, UConn, Storrs. Jun. 12–14.

Chén, Qiūshí. 2023. Deriving Mizenkei in Old Japanese verbal morphology, The 30th Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference (J/K 30), Simon Fraser University, Vancouver. March 1113. [abstract]

  • Non-referred/invited presentations (selected)

Chén, Qiūshí (陳秋實). 2022. 谈上代日语未然形的共时本质和两种中心语移位 [On the essence of Mizenkei/a-stem in Old Japanese and two types of head movement], Weekly Grammar Salon at Fudan University. May 19.

Chén, Qiūshí (陳秋實). 2019. 西南官话DP左缘结构的制图分析 [The left periphery of Southwestern Mandarin DP: a cartographic approach], Weekly Grammar Salon at Fudan University. Dec. 5.

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