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  • I work on syntax and morphology. Languages I have been studying include a number of East Asian (e.g., Sinitic, Japonic) languages and some African (e.g., Bantu) languages. 

  • 我從事句法與形態相關研究。我主要關注東亞語言及一些非洲語言,包括諸漢語、日琉諸語、班圖諸語等。

  • My latest CV can be viewed here.

  • 我最新的學術簡歷可通過上方鏈接查看。

  • I am a Chinese poet. Most of my work (some written for fun, others more serious) can be found on this website.

  • 我是一名漢語詩人。我的大部分作品(包括遊戲之作和更爲嚴肅的作品)可以在本網站找到。

  • Callo, y entiendo, y me quito
    ​La pompa del rimador:
    Cuelgo de un árbol marchito
    Mi muceta de doctor.


Department of Linguistics

365 Fairfield Way, Herbst Hall, Unit 1145

Storrs, CT, 06269-1145


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